Republican Wants Guns For Kids Program


America has long had a complicated relationship with it’s guns. On the one hand you have the proponents that claim that “bearing arms” is a constitution right and one of the most important parts of being an American.

Others have pointed to the incredible amount of gun related deaths and tragedies that occur each year in the states. America has more deaths from guns than every other western country in the world combined.

To put this in perspective, America in 2009 had just over 9000 gun related murders – compared with Canada’s total of 610. In fact, America’s unintentional death rate from guns is 789, higher than it’s neighbours total murder rate from guns.

With the recent tragic events of yet another school shooting, where 26 people were reportedly killed, many of who were innocent children, people have expressed their outrage and sheer disgust at the gun laws and attitudes in America and are calling for a complete overhaul of the governing laws.


But, this appears to be a serious threat to the military industrial complex, that has shaped many policies and government programs, both domestically and internationally for years. Many have claimed that the influence of a corporate military agenda, has taken the government’s attention away from real social problems and therefore, real social solutions.

And, it seems, that this is yet to continue, with Republican Karl K. Kennedy, from Texas, proposing a new “Guns For Kids” bill that would make it a legal requirement for all elementary school children to carry a weapon, to deter future school shootings from happening.

In a recent statement on the Senator’s website, he commented:

It is our constitutional right to bear arms to protect our families. Our forefathers built this country on that right. It’s a tragedy what happened and what has happened in our past, but we cannot let the reckless actions of the few, dictate to the many. By actually increasing the amount of guns in circulation, we’ll be making it a safer country for our children. By giving children their very own hand guns, we’ll be giving them their very own protection. And that’s the American way.

The senator has the backing of many in the military industry, who have been lobbying him for years to introduce such a measure. This measure to increase child safety by giving them guns, will in fact increase the market size of guns in America by the millions.

Safe For Who?

But who does this measure actually keep safe? The children? Or are these lobbyists keeping the growth rate and profits of huge companies safe, by making it a legal requirement for kids to carry guns?

Packaged as a concerned message by a concerned industry, many feel disgusted that the Guns For Kids bill would be proposed. However, many more are terrified that the bill will in fact pass, as it fits with a distorted and utterly illogical framework, going against the actual evidence – something that many Americans have been drawn towards in the past, especially with regard to gun control.

Members of the “WTF America” group have urged people to look at the facts about guns in the states. To look at the numbers and make an informed decision, based on reality and not out dated ideologies. To think more about protecting the lives of citizens, so they can be free to live, work and play in a safe society. Not so that they are free to be gunned down.


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