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So, tonight the country witnessed the top quality programming that TV3 have to offer. The Tallafornia Series 2 previewed and gave a glimpse of what’s in store for the up and coming season. The group of high profile celebrities are flown to Spain to enjoy some time in the sun and teach the viewers about the important things in life.

but, here at The Potato, we’ve an exclusive insight into what’s coming up in season 2. After getting our hands on a leaked scripted, we’ve gone ploughed through it and put together what we feel are some of the highlights to look forward to.

Kelly Donegan

Kelly finally gets accepted to study medicine  in RCSI. With a plan of becoming the country’s leading neurophysiologist, securing her place on the course is the first step for her.

Kelly gets the news while they are in Spain and begins work on her academic career. The workload over the course of the series increases drastically and places her relationship with boyfriend Dave under extreme pressure. In the end, Kelly is forced to make a choice between either her career in medicine, or her boyfriend, which leads up to some very emotional and tear jerking TV.

Nikita Murray

Nikita is devastated to find out she didn’t get her first choice course in the leaving cert of Jam Making in DIT. The points doubled from 5 to 10, leaving Nikita lost and confused and returning to the alcohol in a effect to numb the pain. Her chronic phobia of eggs returns in this series too and sees her in one episode paralyzed with fear when Cormac makes an omelet.


Natalie Geraghty

Natalie’s career hits new highs, when she features in a WWE Smack Down match. She pits herself against the Big Show and wins in spectacular fashion by lying on top of the wrestling star and giving him a vajazzle.


Phil Penny

Phil continues to try and be like Gary from Geordie shore. He takes lessons from  a voice coach and acting coach to try and make his dream come true.



Dave Behan

Dave finishes his evening course in counseling and psychotherapy and opens up his our clinic, specialising in relationship therapy.



Jay Abbey

Jay opens up his own stripping school where he teaches young boys and girls from around the country, how to strip and more importantly, how to earn a living by taking their clothes off.


Cormac Branagan

Cormac gets cast as the new Terminator. In the remake of the classic movie, Cormac secures the role to play the robotic killing machine. Read more about it here.


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