Tony Robbins New Book “You’ll Never Be Good Enough!” Released

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the internationally recognised motivational speaker and godfather of the life coaching and self help industry. Shooting to fame when he launched his late night infomercials around the world and made people walk on hot coals, the guru to the stars has worked with everyone from Oprah to Andrea Agassi.


A head of the New Year’s resolutions rush, Robbins has released his latest self help book, entitled: “You’ll Never Be Good Enough – Ever. Strategies To Keep Me Rich and You Insecure and Buying My Stuff.”

Robbins has helped change the lives of millions of people around the world, by making them realise that they weren’t in fact happy, unless they were focused on taking their lives to the “next level“. Robbins made a groundbreaking discovery when he was in his early 20’s, when he found that life had an infinite amount of levels to it, and that one could only ever truly be happy if they were striving for the next one. (His dissertation for his PhD on the topic is currently under review.)

One Robbins fan (who has bought all his books, CDs, DVD’s and attended his training seminars) comments:

“I was going through life thinking I was happy. I mean, I felt happy, smiled alot, I had a job, a family and friends, but thanks to Tony, I realised that all that wasn’t good enough and masking the fact that I wasn’t truly happy. Since then, I’ve had 3 divorces, ditched all my friends and have started my own business, which isn’t making any money, but hey, I’m growing and learning as a person, which is what life is all about!” 

Robbins teaches people through his prodcuts how they can reach this next magical level and be happy – but always reminds people, that unless your aiming for the next one, you are not, in fact, happy. And the best way to aim for that level, is to purchase his latest book.


Robbins products have been hugely successful around the world. Many have attributed his fantastic success and wealth to the fact that Robbins helps people realise that they are not good enough and will never actually be good enough. By telling people about imaginary “levels” to life, that are infinite in number, people are forced to continue to invest in his products, hoping to progress to this “next level”.

This, analysts have commented, keeps people doubting themselves and purchasing products that are advertised to help them reach that elusive next level.

So, if you’re stuck for some Xmas ideas for a loved one or a work colleague, then why not get them “You’ll Never Be Good enough – Ever” by Tony Robbins. It’s set to be another international best seller.

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