Justin Bieber Refused From Coppers


Beiber being removed from Coppers

Justin Bieber was last night refused entry into Copperface Jacks after his sell out gig at the O2.

The international mega star had planned on having his after party in the famous nightclub, but ran into trouble with bouncers at the door.

Bieber initially walked up and tried to skip the queue, but didn’t realise that the only souls on planet earth that can do such a thing are medal winning inter-county GAA players, wearing a blue pair of Levi 501s, Doc Martins and their very own county jersey.

After reluctantly queuing up for over 45 minutes, Bieber was then asked for photo identification to prove his age. Copperface Jacks has strict age restrictions on the door. Usually it is 21s only, but sometimes the security enforce an over 23s rule too.

Bieber, who looks like a 12 year old pre pubescent boy was unable to provide any identification and was asked to step aside. He was soon after asked if he knew what fingering was and when he replied no, he was abruptly instructed to leave. The shocked Bieber then began to shout and scream like a little girl at the bouncers asking them in distain how they could not know who he was.

Witnesses said they saw him run off and drunkenly ring his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, crying down the phone to her that he was not able to get in and demanding that she tell him what “fingering” was.

Bieber’s friends who were with him, all got in and none waited outside for him, because in reality they don’t like him. Or his music.

Bieber’s massive online following is expected to now boycott Copperface Jacks after they refused him entry. No one has a problem with this however.

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69 Responses to "Justin Bieber Refused From Coppers"

  1. Your mother! says:

    This is a load of shite….Ye are all lying cunts i saw him last night and he wouldn’t walk thru the main door’s..GET A LIFE…Plus he wouldn’t after party in that shitehole…
    Biggest BIEBER FAN ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mick says:

      I was almost convinced you were doing a sort of sarcastic joke but something tells me that you might actually be serious.

    • Craig says:

      Goway Justin..

    • a somewhat normal person says:

      ok, i’ll just quickly run down your comment:
      -this post is full of shit
      -everyone here is lying
      -you saw him and he couldn’t get through* the main doors*
      -we all should get a life
      -he wouldn’t have an afterparty in that shithole*
      -you are the biggest fan of bieber(not worth a capital letter) ever.

      -this is a newssite, meaning that they only cover what is known to be true, therefore it simply can’t be full of shit unless it’s about shit.
      -why are we all lying? opinions can’t be false, nor can things which are aknowledged by the people what it is about.
      -you actually, by saying that, agree that this is all true. Oh, and by the way, your english sucks.
      -if we didn’t have a life, we wouldn’t be able to live, meaning we couldn’t get on the internet to do stuff like this.
      -maybe he wouldn’t, maybe he would. But i can conclude he was planning it.
      -I don’t know what you’ve done for him to prove that you’re his biggest fan, but probably not enough. And if we are talking literally, I surely do not think you are bigger than 205cm.

      thank you for your comment full of bullshit, it kept me busy for a minute and made me able to make you look like a total idiot, but that’s something I didn’t really have to point out.

      your sincerely,
      a somewhat normal person.

      ps. never think you are good enough in this world, there will always be something you can’t beat.

  2. Simon says:

    thats an underage drinker

  3. stfu says:

    are you fucking kidding me, get a life. Just because Justin Bieber is rich successful and famous doesn’t mean you have to make up a load of shit. Everyone knows this article is made up. You honestly need to get a life and stop being jealous of a 19 year old boy who has platinum records, first person in the world to have all his albums at number-one on the Billboard 200 before his 19th birthday, the most googled person on earth, sold out concerts all over the world, king of the garden, he sold out 2 concerts at MSG in less than 30 seconds, most followed person on twitter, so many awards won, and one of the MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITIES IN THE WORLD right now…so nice try but you’re not bringing this kid down. Now get a life and stop being jealous of this kid.

    • Sean says:

      Ahhh. But he hasnt won a Grammy. Has He? Yeah thats what I thought!

      • f.u. says:

        You know… your argument is irrelevant and invalid. Michael Jackson didn’t won his first Grammy till he was 20something I don’t remember, my point is… He (MJ) started really young and got his Grammy later after. And he is King of Pop.
        What Im trying to say is that Justin still has a chance for a Grammy and still can go so much further in music than he already is. He is a great musician.
        So you should shut the f u c k up.
        Besides Bieber doesn’t need a Grammy, all he needs is his fans and his music at #1. All of you are just some stupid, dumb c u n t s, and jealous of Justin. Just admit it. Justin is one of the most successful celebrities ever.


    • Iain says:

      Yah but he still doesn’t know what fingering is.

      • f.u. says:

        do you expect a 18yr old wont know what fingering is? I mean I’m pretty sure he knows, stating the fact that he was in a relationship with Selena Gomez for 2 YEARS! So fingering? Yes he knows…

      • lol says:

        Obviously he knows what fingering is, him and selena were dating for over 2 years!!! Hahahaha you actually believe a 19 year old boy would not know what fingering is? This is obviously just a fake article! Hahaha think a little.

    • Mick says:

      Fame doesn’t equate to quality. If you get all the 12yo girls to vote on what great songwriting and music is, doesn’t mean their answer (Justin Bieber) means that hius music is better. Also, there are some of us that seek out music, study it, play it. Our ears have listened to more albums than some 12yo girl has cried. Fame doesn’t mean anything. Most people that drive fame (the media you’d see Bieber in) is women and teen girls. They buy celebrity rags that fund and motivate Papparazzi. With your logic, lets praise Ted Bundy. He’s so famous. Personally as an artist, I rather be making art for artists and appreciators than trying to see how many celeb rags I can get in to. I certainly wouldn’t aim to please 12yo girls. I’d like my audience to have a brain, to critique me and hopefully appreciate. There’s no jealousy here. Sure I’d like his money but I wouldn’t be who I am if I acted like him. It would betray my values and my super duper street cred! 😀

      • f.u. says:

        FIRST OF ALL.. All of that you said about 12 years olds is b u l l s h i t.
        BELIEBERS.. This fan base isn’t not only full of teen girls AND MEN.. Yes I said men, cause real men respect Justin. He has fans. Fans as in all kinds of age. So don’t think we are all bunch of 12 years olds cause we are not…

        We love his music and we support him, some of these fans are even very grateful for his music. If you had a fave, which I’m sure you do… You would support your favourite singer, or band as well.

        Also a lot of these fans your making fun of.. were the ones who supported him since he was starting..

        Im going to tell you something…

        You don’t know how many lives he has saved believe it or not. These fans I’m talking about living through a lot of problems and shit.. and when I say problems is.. (depression, being abused, cutting, situations with they’re families.. etc.).
        They really look up to him. He has inspired a lot of them to keep going strong, and to keep dreaming. Cause even with the shit they go through.. they still have to deal with the haters like you hating on their idol.

        Its really hard, not just for Justin himself getting hate. Cause he is human and he has feelings… But also for his fans…

        Just cause sometimes, everything just got so much better by just listening to him, his music.

        YOU should at least respect this fan base (BELIEBERS) and Justin. Cause not everything is a joke.. Not everything is about fame, money and publicity. Cause THIS article is MADE UP.

      • giuejkrds says:

        Okay you don’t know anything. His fans have a huge range of ages, if you go to his concerts you will see how many older girls are there. I know SO many girls who are 17,18,19,20 who love him so stop acting like it’s only 12 year old girls. & many men who aren’t douchebags respect him because he DOES have talent. His music is very good and he has talent so you should just stop talking.

    • Luna says:

      You are 100% right. Im not a huge Bieber fan but Im smart enough to know he is a talented successful celebrity who, like everyone else is a person and deserves respect.

  4. lol says:

    go buy a training bra you p*%sy

  5. Liam says:

    Everybody calm down! It’s a satirical article, just because he’s rich and successful doesn’t mean that he gets special treatment when he doesn’t know what fingering is. Just take the article how it’s meant to be, there’s no malice intended by the writer he’s just having a laugh about it, I’m sure Bieber’s used to the craic at this stage!

    • haha says:

      Obviously he knows what fingering is, him and selena were dating for over 2 years!!! Hahahaha you actually believe a 19 year old boy would not know what fingering is? This is obviously just a fake article! Hahaha think a little.

  6. Auds says:

    ah these comments are hilarious, you gave me a great auld laugh I have to say ahahahahahah….:0

  7. Erakk says:

    Doens’t knows what fingering its…
    Carries no identification… Looks like a girl…
    It’s hard even to find his gender.

  8. Asha says:

    People realise this website is a “fake news” website that makes joke news right?? Nothing on here actually happened its just funny to read 😀

  9. Dave says:

    We all know this is a fake article. We all know that many other artists are jealous of Justin’s success. He is all man as has been proved by photos all over the net. GFives some of you even more to be jealous about. Justin makes enough money to buy that little club many times over. So to all you haters, get over it.

  10. FU is an idiot says:

    @ FU maybe you should spend a little more time worrying about your impending junior certificate English exam than defending your beloved Bieber! Your inability to communicate in proper English is destined to see you fail in life unfortunately your idol I fear, will not help you out in any way financially!

  11. Mark says:

    Whats a Justin Bieber?

  12. Jason says:

    As i should say not only do celebritys act like this its the whole fucking world so why dont you guys stop picking on the kid for one hes a hella good singer better then any of you could sing and hes good looking guy.. its the fact that hes bigger and better than all of you? yall lil crybaby bitches need to grow up and live life instead of trying to ruin others your going no where in life here

  13. Lies says:

    Well this is fake, he wasn’t even wearing that last night and that isn’t his body guard anymore.

  14. Jenny Soul says:

    Is this kid an actor? I never heard of her.

    I wish her the best, people shouldn’t pick on her at all. That is homophobia. Lesbians all over the world are becoming more and more a part of society. So I say good for her. Go Biebers.

    • wow says:

      you’re so funny omg I can’t stop laughing right now hahahaha. yeah shut the fuck up, he is a hot teenager boy, very talented, rich, and successful so GROW UP.

    • lol says:

      hahahahah you’re so funny omg i’m laughing so hard right now. yeah, shut the fuck up. He’s a hot 19 year old boy. He is talented, successful, and rich..what you will NEVER BE. haaaaaaaaa.

  15. lol says:

    I honestly don’t understand people. Why do older men pick on this boy? He is 19 years old, very successful, rich, talented and famous. I just don’t understand why men even bother picking on this kid.. you clearly have nothing better to do, you have never met him and you’re clearly just jealous because of how successful he is. & for the people saying he doesn’t know what fingering is, come on seriously how the fuck does a 19 year old not know what fingering is.. wow, I just don’t understand people.

  16. adejoke says:

    fake story from frustrated people please get a life :>

  17. In tears with the laughter says:

    I’m not sure which is funnier, the ridiculous story that is obviously written to just get a laugh (two thumbs up here!!) or the reaction of folk who are taking it seriously and making it their personal crusade to right this ‘wrong’… Come on, don’t take things so seriously?? Bieber does look young and it’s funny. We do the same thing with our mates, ragging on your friends is an intrinsic part of Irish humour. So why should we not do it with the rich and famous?

    Or just keep on biting- it’s decidedly entertaining when you do 😉

  18. Manda says:

    I cannot believe that these silly little feckers don’t realise that this is a joke, written by intelligent people who like to poke fun at society to put a spin on the mundane drivel fed to us every day. Justin Bieber is a twat. Just because you can’t see that is neither here nor there. Piss off, you’re making yourselves look like complete fuckwits.

  19. Mark says:

    It’s called being jealous. Completely normal behaviour to be honest..that kid has it all we have nothing and all we can do about it is be a dick and saying nasty things about him, this is the way of the world…it will never change, when I was 20 I wish I was him..I really wanted to be like that when I was his age..who the fuck wouldn’t want to be him at 20…??????

  20. Rofltastic says:

    Wow, these Bieber trolls are retardedly funny. 😀

  21. jojo says:

    jesus christ if the actual article wasn’t funny the comment from the Bieber fans getting their knickers is a knot is bloody hilarious, for the love of god will ye all relax and see this article for the piss take that it is

  22. jojo says:

    Cormac do accept my deepest apologies….. it is quite obviously a thought provoking, intelligent article worthy of open and honest debate…… it is quite truly one of the best piece of writing I have come across in my lifetime

  23. James Kielty says:

    Juztin’s got a sweet ass, mayb Loius Walsh was waiting in there for im, lolz, gotta lv the mainstream press, it’s not like they’d be q’in up te get in and all dat! Big luv to all the beebzies out there, lolz. wb playaa h8taz X

  24. jojo says:

    Maybe we should all boycott the place till they give Justin a membership card……. It might damage my life long dream of marrying a farmer/guard with plenty of road frontage but for Justin by god I would let go of that dream……. Maybe write a book as well and set up an auld protest

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