Father Blames Son For £1,700 App Bill After Temple Run Binge


An embarrassed father in the UK, has finally admitted that it was in fact him who racked up £1,700 worth of in app purchases, after initially blaming his 5 year old son.

Danny Kitchen, cooked up the massive bill, after his son smoked him in the game, by collecting several million coins and unlocking other certain levels, weapons and bonuses on the addictive platform game.

Danny, who has an inferiority complex, grew more frustrated when he saw his 5 year old child make a fool out of him at the game. The  frustration then turned into an all out obsession and Danny spent 26 hours straight playing just one more time“.

He then proceeded to tell his wife, it was their son who racked up the massive credit card bill . The plan then backfired when she told the entire world and international news outlets picked up on the story.

Danny let his son take the brunt of the heat, but after a few days decided it was best to come out and admit that it was not his son. He told journalists that:

“It was all me. My 5 year old son doesn’t need to spend money on unlocking the various bonuses, because if I’m honest, he doesn’t need to. He’s just too good and it kills me inside to admit that.”

Danny has decided to overturn the 3 week grounding that he imposed on his son and has agreed to go to counselling to address the underlying emotional issues, and gaming college twice a week to improve his overall digital abilities.

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