Social Media Secrets: Go Batsh*t Crazy Online

Amy's Baking Company Facebook

How do you go from around 3,000 Facebook likes to over 70,000 is less than a week? Oh, and how do you do that without spending a cent on any online advertising?

Sounds crazy right? Well, it kinda is.

You see, the Holy Grail of social media success is to go batsh*t crazy.

Throw the manual out the window and drop things like community engagement, positive sentiment and constructive feedback. They’re too slow and too boring to drive any real results to your business.

Instead, go insane. Have a mental breakdown and make sure to document all of it through your social media channels. Buy some cats too. Abuse your clients and customers, insult people and shout at them online by writing your replies using all capital letters.


Sounds stupid, childish and a highly unprofessional? Well, that’s exactly what Amy Bouzaglo, from Amy’s Baking Company, did over the last number of days and her company’s online profile is now on an international stage.

Her business has gone from just over 3,000 Facebook likes to 71,319 as of the time of writing this post. To put that in other words, that mental bitch is doing a far better job of promoting her brand online than you. 

And what’s more, her engagement on her page has exploded. Hundreds of likes per post, thousands of shares and many more comments – and that’s just on text updates. Can you image what her edgerank is with her follows?? We can’t know for certain, but again, its definitely better than yours!

Here are some examples of her quality content that she posts:

Amy's Baking Company Facebook Meltdown


Amy's baking company facebook


amy's baking company facebook page


Fantastic vitality and engagement from them all and well worth paying close attention too in the coming days.

So, if you want social media success, if you want to be known online and take your audience levels to staggering new heights, then forget about content, competitions and funny pictures – go insane.

The data is there to back it up and if you chose to not to go insane, well then you’re missing out on one of the best social media opportunities ever. And that’s pretty dumb right there.

For more inspiration on how you can go insane effectively online, check out Amy’s Baking Company’s Facebook Page.

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2 Responses to "Social Media Secrets: Go Batsh*t Crazy Online"

  1. Nick says:

    I saw this about two days ago. Then it had around 41,000 likes. It sure got the attention of people but the problem is how much of this followers will turn to actually customers and buy something from them. They hype around this will die in a few days and then they are left with a image of poor standard restaurant.

    • Cormac Moore says:

      It should be marketed as the worst restaurant in the world where people come in and get first hand experience of just how bad it is!

      Set it up as more of a theme park attraction thing, rather than an actual restaurant.

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