Leaving Cert 2013: 9 Careers That Don’t Need Qualifications

So, you’ve gotten your leaving cert results and are wondering what the next step is? Maybe you got the points you wanted, maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you failed miserably and are worried that you’re life is over. Well, before you start to freak out, just remember that most of the high profile and great paying jobs many people in this country do, don’t need any qualifications, skill or talent at all!

To make life that bit easier for you, we’ve gone and put together 9 of the best careers you can get that don’t need any qualifications whatsoever.

1: Become A DJ

leaving cert career options 2013

Remember, as much as DJs will like to tell you that it’s a difficult skill to master, it’s not! Can you do a degree in DJing?! Nope and there’s a good reason for that – because it’s really easy! A laptop, or even a iPhone will have you on your way to becoming the next hottest thing on the club scene in Ireland. All you have to be able to do is find cool new mixes of popular tracks and you’re sorted!

2: TD

Leaving cert career advice

If you’re an uneducated idiot, with a tendency to make horrific decisions, enjoy drinking on the job and the odd bit of groping your fellow colleagues, then maybe consider a job in the world of politics. You get great holidays and a ridiculously large salary, plus you get the average industrial wage just for expenses!

3: Model

leaving cert career options 2013

Modelling is one of the best paid professions that requires no skill whatsoever. If you can stand up for 5 minutes and look into a camera, you can be a model. There is nothing more to it. No talent, skill or education needed, just a willingness to be slightly degraded and sexually objectify yourself for money. You don’t even need to be thin or attractive, with Photoshop any one, no matter how horrid looking, can be made beautiful.

So, if you failed your leaving cert, get yourself a portfolio and start raking in the cash! 😀

4: Childcare Worker In Giraffe

Giraffe Childcare Stepaside

The good people in the Giraffe Childcare Centres don’t mind about your lack of qualifications or ability to deal with kids. They’ll hire you anyway. And often without vetting you with the Gardaí, so if you’ve had a brush with the law previously, that shouldn’t matter! Working with Giraffe may even lead to a career on TV as the centre has been featured numerous times on national programs.

5: Tabloid Journalist

Leaving cert 2013

If you have the ability to rehash content from other news and entertainment sites and have an active imagination that can fabricate stories from thin air, then a career as a tabloid journalist may be ideal for you!

6: Drug Dealer

An internationally recognised profession.

7: A Career On the Dole

the dole ireland

An industry that’s been steadily growing over the last number of years is the unemployment industry. With government policy’s ensuring that this grows year on year, now has never been a better time to sign on for a career on the dole. Flexible working hours, regular steady income and no early starts. A dream job in fairness.

8: Extreme Pro Life Campaigner

leaving cert options 2013

Image: Bob Coggins/Broadsheet.ie

Why not become an extreme pro life campaigner? No experience or relevant knowledge required, just a firm belief in your position. A lot of letter writing involved, sometimes using your own blood and an ability to send creative death threats is always desired. And what’s even better is that this position comes fully funded by American billionaires, so it really can become a long term career option.

9: Homeless

leaving cert career options

Have you ever considered becoming a homeless person? You get to move out of your parents house and live where ever you want! Oh and it’s rent free, which is another huge bonus. You’ll meet tons of new people, get to see loads of new places and you’ll even have the opportunity to earn cash while you do it. It’s entirely a commissioned based incentive scheme, but if you put the work in you’ll be earning in no time.

There’s no bills and you’ll be able to avail of numerous free wifi spots where ever you decide to go.

 So there you have it, if you failed leaving cert 2013, never fear, there are numerous options open to you. 

You could even combine many of the above so that you could be the first homeless modelling DJ. Class.

Additional content, Sean Rothar, Cian McGarrigle, Mark Boyle. 



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