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Liverpool take on Manchester Untied today at Anfield and The Potato will be live blogging the entire match.

Special guest today taking on the blogging duties will be Anto, a die hard Untied fan from Dublin. Anto hates the Brits, likes to make ill-informed comments about the IRA and when he’s not downing a few Budweisers at his local, is out doing a few runs in his taxi to save up for his yearly trip to Santa Ponza.

Kick off 13:30. 

Full Time – Moyes out. Disgraceful.

15:22 -Moseyie time. Let’s see how this goes.

15:13 – This match is tripe.

15:02 – Poor performance from both sides in fairness. A jammy goal from Liverpool early on, but they haven’t created anything since.

15:00 – Moyes out.

14:55 – 3 of them there standing in the one place? And now they’ve lost it. This is bleedin woeful.

14:52 – Ah he’s lost it. Don’t get me wrong now, great career, but jaysus, shocking out there today.

14:49 – Pint time.

14:46 – PENO!!!!!

Ah come on ref, clear peno, this is shocking stuff.


14:39 – Better lads. Moyes needs to start making some real changes. 3-4-3, always works on Fifa.

14:37 – Hang on there still I shout at the TV for a bit.

14:35 – Right, second half lads.

14:30 – Me shoes got covered in piss from some lad’s spray from the urinal. Rotten.

14:19 – A here, turn the poxy bog ball off, I wana here the analysis.

14:16 – Right, I’m going for a piss.

14:14 – Ah Ryan! Jaysus, he’s not as sharp as he was you know… 

14:09 – Yellow for Van Persie? This ref can go and shite. 

14:06 – Shite free kick. Wouldnt expect anything less from a Liverpool man anyway. HAH!

14:04 – He got the ball ref!! Poxy free kick to be giving away outside the peno box. Yellow Card.

14:03 – Don’t worry, we’ll get one back before half time. Liverpool are muck like. Always were and always will be.


14:01 – See, i used to play a bita ball meself dya know? Was fairly handy an all, played for Home Farm. Was going to play professionally, but the knees went.


13:58 – Not enough movement Michael, what are ya at?

13:56 – What, ya can’t use the shoulder now can ya ref no?!

13:55 – Liverpool 1 – Man Utd 0 – But its early days yet dya know lads? Ya can never write off United. You can always write off Liverpool, coz der shite and are a team of bottlers like.

 13:52 – REEEEEFFFFF! 12th man is it ref?!

13:49 – Go on Giggs. Even though he cheats on his wife, he’s a solid player dya know like?! I remember seeing him playing underage, coz I’m a way better supporter than you are like,

13:47 – He’s been at it all day ref!

13:45 – Ya know what the problem is, there’s too much poxy money in football these days. There’s no loyalty left in the game. 

13:44 – Ah would ya bleedin finish it!!

13:43 – Wish those poxy Liverpool fans shouting “this is our year” would shut the f*ck up. Gobshites. >:(


13:40 – I’d a fairly handy strike of a ball meself back in the day. 

13:38 – Ah jaysus if ya can’t beat the poxy first man with a cross you might as well pack in in lad…

13:35 – MOYES OUT!!

13-34 – I go to get me poxy pint and come back to this shite?! For fuck sake.

13:31 – Come on lads!



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