Teenager Finally Has Car Engine Tuned Just Right

Honda Civic Ireland

Neighbours and friends have come out in force to congratulate a Drogheda teenager this week, following the news that he is finally finished fine-tuning the engine of his heavily customized car.

By Gerry McBride 

In the years prior to this weeks announcement, Dessie Casey had spent up to three hours a night perfecting the performance of his prized motor, a 1996 Honda Civic. On this momentous occasion his neighbours had the following to say;

“I’m just delighted that he’s finally cracked it” said Mr. Caseys elderly neighbour, Dolores Meekly. “Night after night he’d be out there working on the car… it was obvious that this was very intricate work he was doing because the noise of the car changed very little over the whole time.

Clearly he was searching for a perfection that I couldn’t hope to comprehend as the car always sounded the same to me, almost as though he didn’t really have a goal in mind and just wanted to rev the car all night. But whatever he was searching for he stuck at it until he found it, and I’ll be able to hear my television at night again”

Like most custom car enthusiasts Mr. Casey was blessed with a meticulousness that drove him to achieve the results he had wanted, transforming the sound of his engine from WUUUMM WUUUMM WUUUMM to WUUMMM WUUMMM WUUMMM after just three short years of incessant tinkering. Speaking to The Potato, Drogheda resident Saabir Qutaybah commended Mr. Casey on his accomplishments.

“I’m just delighted that all of his hard work has finally paid off” said Mr. Qutaybah. “It couldn’t have been easy for Mr. Casey, knowing his car wasn’t up the standard he was striving for. Every evening I would see him driving past my house, pushing the engine to it’s limits. He would continue up the housing estate and then turn and race back down; you could see his face as he drove past that he just wasn’t happy with what the car was producing.

So back to his house he would go, and then you would see him tearing past the house again… all evening this would go on. My children would watch him from inside our house; I wouldn’t allow them to play outside when Mr. Casey was testing his Civic. Don’t distract the man with your playing, I would tell them. Let the man test his high-performance car on our street in peace!

The news of Mr. Caseys wonderful accomplishment has given new hope to other members of the custom car community around Drogheda, many of whom had helped Dessie to gauge his engines performance with high-speed challenges at night, or by parking beside him at his house and revving their engines in unison with his, listening out for minuscule discrepancies in the songs their cars would sing.

“Someday my car will be finished like Dessies”, dreamed fellow Civic owner Conn Kennedy. “I used to go round his house while he was tuning her up, and I’d do my best to help by revving my engine as much as I could, spin a few donuts, turn the speakers up as high as I could and blast out a bit of hardcore techno, you know, just help the man concentrate. Watching Dessie tune his Honny was like watching an artist paint. Someday I hope to make my community as proud of me and my car as his neighbours are of him”.

With his beloved Civic now tuned exactly the way he wants it, Mr. Casey is expected to sell it in the upcoming weeks to help finance the customization of his new car, a 1998 Toyota Starlet.

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