Study: Israelis Have Forgotten Most Of Their 10 Commandments


As the increased military strikes from Israel continue on the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a new study has definitively shown that the Jewish state has in fact forgotten a large part of what their religion is based on.

By Cormac Moore

The study looked at a core part of the Jewish religion, The 10 Commandments, which were inscribed by God on stone tablets, so that they couldn’t be changed and would last a very, very long time.

The rules set down by God are fairly clear and  forbid things like murder, stealing other people’s property, desiring your neighbors goods and not bearing false witness to your neighbor. 

Even though these fundamental rules of the Jewish faith are easy enough to remember, it appears that over time, the ability for the Israelis to recall these has diminished significantly.


Israel has stolen more than 80% of the land in Palestine, murdered countless woman and children, eradicated hundreds of towns and wants the small amounts of land left that belong to the Palestinians – The Gaza Strip and West Bank.

They have often committed these acts on a Sunday too, meaning they are failing to keep Sabbath the Holy Day.

After careful calculation of all the data, it appears that the Israelis have forgotten at least 50% of their commandments, which would more than likely dishonor their parents, bringing that figure up to 60%.


The newly published study, recommends that the Israeli state takes a few minutes to re-read the 10 commandments and try to apply them to every day life in the Palestinian region.

The report points out that you cannot set up a Jewish state, without building that state on your very own principles. Otherwise it really doesn’t make any sense. 

God The Father, the author of The 10 Commandments was asked for a comment on the issue of Israelis forgetting his rules, but he has yet to return our prayers.




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