Many Begrudging Irish Devastated After McGregor Win

Mc Gregor Aldo 13 second knock out ufc 194

Thousands of begrudging Irish people have been left devastated, after Conor McGregor once again backed up his talk with a 13 second knock out of Jose Aldo at UFC194.

Waking this morning to learn of the tragic news that McGregor is the undisputed Featherweight champion, numerous people around the country were hoping that  Aldo would assist in their efforts to chop him down.

Unfortunately a left hook from McGregor put an end to Aldo and the wishes of a bitter group of people.


Speaking this morning to The Potato, Sean O’Shinty commented:

“It’s a disgrace to see an Irish person with confidence. I don’t mind the lad doing well, but he can’t go around believing in himself and his abilities. That some yankee shite we don’t preach here in Ireland.”

O’Shinty went on to comment further about how Ireland has “always been a nation of victims” and that our history doesn’t “allow us to ever be champions.”.

Many people angered at McGregor’s international success don’t want to give up Ireland’s so-called traditional values and beliefs.

Those beliefs that are rooted in oppression, victimisation and rain. If they are abandoned, many fear that  the entire fabric of Irish society will be destroyed and a new disgusting age of ambition, success and celebration will be ushered in.




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