This Pervert Bought A Drone – What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind

Drone Pervert Man

48 year old pervert, Vincent Donaghue, who lives in Ballsbridge Dublin 4, has bought himself a brand new drone camera to take his filthy pastime to astounding new heights. 

These filthy voyeurs are early adopters and are always first to incorporate new and emerging technologies into their deviant activities.

They formed the initial core group of users on social media sites that crept through your old bikini photos and were the driving force behind Snapchat’s dick pic phenomenon.

Auto Pilot


Donaghue has bought the 3DR Solo drone, one of the most user friendly models on the market. And amazingly, as soon as he got, he took it out to perve on his neighbor getting out of the shower.

The drone uses GPS and Google Maps and can be flown automatically on a pre programmed route.

Donaghue comments further

The fact that this can be flown automatically means that it’s basically hands free. I can hover the drone outside a window and have both hands to masturbate with. It’s great. It even returns home once the battery gets low so I don’t have to worry about flying it back when I’m mid wank and might be about to cum.

Donaghue now uses his drone on a regular basis to perve on people within half a mile of his home – the range of the 3DR Solo – and capture footage in up to 4K resolution – the highest possible resolution to perve at.

He commented further that the drone has really brought voyeurism into the 21 first century and that “trying to squeeze one out up a tree is a thing of the past.”

He claims it’s a safer, less intrusive and simplifies the entire process for perverts like him all over the world.


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