Irish Bloggers Must Now Reveal How Cheap They Sell Their Souls For

Irish bloggers advertising reveal

New laws coming into effect from March of this year, will now force Irish bloggers to reveal to their loyal fans just how little they are selling their souls for. 

Bloggers have long been misleading their audiences about products and services they claim to recommend. New evidence shows they’ll plug almost anything, once you invite them to an event where there’s a plate of free oysters and shitty proseco on arrival.

Public Relations

Speaking about buying the souls of Ireland’s social media elite, one account manager working for Lucifer PR, Damian Sixsmith said:

We have almost 500 blogger’s souls on our books. You’d think they’d have some integrity for their audience, but the majority of them are so broke, unemployed and desperate for any illusion of success, that they’ll accept anything. 

Damian went on to comment that we once convinced an Irish blogger to endorse a beauty product, after just sending her an empty branded bag with her name on it:

“She just Instgrammed a pic of the bag pretending like there was actually something inside it. As soon as she moves out and realises she can’t pay bills with retweets, she might start valuing herself that bit more and get an actual, paying job. Until then though, we’ll keep the free publicity.” 

New Laws

The new laws will mean that Irish bloggers will have to admit to their readers and viewers that they are actually working for the devil himself and sold their souls for a pretty cheap price.

The worst part for many bloggers will be having to admit to themselves just how much they are being taken advantage of.

Speaking about the new laws, Irish beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and healthy eating blogger Aisling O’Connor said:

“That’s the hardest bit – realising that I spent hours crafting an article, Snapchatting an event launch and scripting, recording and editing a video for the product too, all for a retweet and some sample products. I’ve done the work of 4 people, for nothing. What the fuck am I doing with my life?”

The free work bloggers are providing large brands with, is putting people out of work. Copywriters, videographers, account managers and photographers are being made unemployed by the slave labour that Irish bloggers provide.

The short term gain for the brands isn’t expected to last, as the long term projections will see everyone becoming a fucking blogger and doing everything for free. Unemployment will soar, riots will break out on the streets and there will be no income to afford the promoted items.

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