7 Entirely Irish Things Only 80s Kids Can Relate To!

Irish 80s kids

Being born in the 1980’s in Ireland many would call a special privilege.

You’re part of an amazing group that understands the struggles of rewinding VHS tapes, recording your favourite song off the radio only for the DJ to ruin the end of it and pogs.

Here’s our list of 7 entirely Irish things that only you, who was born in the 80s, can only relate to!

1: You’ll Never Afford a House

Dublin 80s Houses Ireland

As an 80s kid, you experience the worst economic recession right in your prime! Unemployment, a lack of savings and rising house prices mean, yes, that dream house is just that, a dream!

Houses have skipped your generation, which is great, because it means less responsibility!

And even if you do current have a house, let’s be honest, you still can’t afford it. Especially after you bought it with your partner at the time who’s since pulled a runner, left you strangled with the debt and is sleeping with an old best friend.

2: Job Insecurity

Job insecurity Dublin Ireland

One of the greatest things about being an 80s kid, is that you’ve massive amounts of job insecurity.

You’ve literally no idea where you’ll be in 3 months, let alone 3 years. After coming from a generation that spent decades at a decent paying job, you’ll have gone through your 5th employer and be lucky to even be earning a wage.


3: You’re Losing Your Looks

man losing looks Ireland

Time is an evil mistress, slowly ageing you day by day. Thankfully you’ve Facebook to constantly remind you of those times in the past where you weren’t a failing mess.

Those were the days. #Nostalgia

4: You’re Already Out Of Touch With The World


As an 80s kid, you’ve seen the rise of bloggers, Vine stars, people getting paid to record themselves paying video games and the Kardashians.

You’ve no idea what’s going on. Or why. You’re scared, lonely and already obsolete.

Being obsolete was usually kept for people when they turned 70, but luckily for 80s kids that come faster than ever before!

Enjoy navigating an ever confusing and ultimately terrifying landscape of life.

5: All Your Friends Are Gone


If you were born in the 70s, they’d only be across the Irish Sea living in London and that would have been fine. Being an 80s kid means that forced emigration landed your friends in Australia!

You’ve even stopped lying to yourself about ever getting over there, as you can’t even handle the task of Skyping them.

They seem to be having a great time though, which is nice.

6: You’re Poorer Than Your Parents!

Poorer than your parents

What a time to be alive. Your parent were relatively wealthier than you, leaving you to foster a better appreciation for money.

It’s really a blessing in disguise and 80s kid know too well how to lower their expectations and reluctantly shop in Aldi.

(Or Lidl if you’re proper fucked.)

7: Your Job Will Likely Be Replaced by a Machine

Robots replacing human jobs ireland

A machine that’s currently being developed by a 12 year old in your old school. And if your an 80s kid currently working in a bank, you’re already directing people to your technological overlords and putting yourself out of a job.

Go you.

Ah yes, being an 80s kid is great, the best part being the nostalgia, because let’s face it, the future isn’t looking great for us.



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