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So, before we give you the big cool, marketing buzz words, like engagement, sentiment and some other fancy term, lets look at the facts.

The Potato is the largest and fastest growing comedy/satire site in Ireland. We have an audience of over 85,000 unique users per month.

We have a team of award winning comedians and best selling authors producing daily content on the site.

Our audience has been doubling month on month since we launched and we also have a weekly slot on iRadio’s The Crack i with Chris Greene and Ciara King.

And, the site has also been short-listed at this years Media Awards.

Can we help?

We can help you get your brand in front of an engaged, growing audience. We offer various solutions, from banner ads, editorial, podcasts through to video. Our content is some of the most shared original Irish media – download our rate card to see exactly how many people engage with our content.

If you think The Potato can help your brand and if you’d like to see our rate card – drop your email below and it will be automatically sent out to you in a few moments.

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